Lung Function (Respiratory) Testing

Lung function testing includes a group of tests that are designed to measure how well your lungs work.

The tests determine how efficiently you breathe and how effective your lungs are in delivering inhaled oxygen to your bodies organs.

Lung function test results are used in the process of diagnosing lung conditions.

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What tests are included?


Spirometry (Pre & Post Bronchodilator)

A spirometry test measures the amount of air breathed in and out of your lungs. Data gathered from this test will provide information in relation to the size of your lungs and assesses the presence and degree of any airway narrowing. Generally this test is performed before, and after, the inhalation of a bronchodilator to identify any reversibility of airflow obstruction.

Diffusing Capacity

Diffusing capacity testing measures how well your lungs can transfer gas from inhaled air to your bloodstream.

Lung Volume

Lung volume testing measures the total amount of air in your lungs, which is known as your total lung capacity. It also measures your residual volume, which is the amount of air left in your lungs after you have breathed out.